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Soft Goat dulls rough facial hair.

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It’s ok to be proud of your facial hair. You should be, you grew it yourself. What’s not ok is irritating the skin of your significant other. With Soft Goat, you will never have to worry about your scruff interfering with your intimate time ever again. Each hypoallergenic foam pad is coated in softening paper that will dull the sharp edges of your facial hair. Now you can rock that 5 o’clock shadow just a bit longer.

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Here Comes the Groom-ing!

Step aside, brides — those indulgent pre-wedding salon, spa and grooming gatherings are no longer exclusively your domain! Grooms, it’s your turn for a luxurious pre-wedding makeover and grooming session. To ensure you’ll look tip-top in your tux and tie, we’ve consulted local experts, uncovered trends and looked at personal products designed to tame any testosterone-fueled challenge on the big day.

Ask an expert

According to veteran stylist-to-the-stars Allen Edwards (based at A.T. Tramp in Beverly Hills and Decarra Salon in Woodland Hills), good grooming habits should be established long before the wedding day.

“I recommend men come into the salon more often for hair care, and they should not be afraid to spend more money on a good haircut,” Edwards said. “Although men have a tendency to buy inexpensive shampoo, I recommend they buy a good moisturizing shampoo and condition their hair at least once a week. The three best hair products for men are Imperial, Paul Mitchell and Crew.”

Edwards also recommends men get facials and get into the habit of using a moisturizer every morning. And, just as women turn to magazines for inspiration, he said men can benefit from the same practice, buying magazines such as GQ to review haircut and facial hair trends.

“Don’t get stuck wearing the same haircut your whole life,” Edwards said.

“Beards are very popular now, and I suggest keeping the beard very cropped.

“On the wedding day, men should keep their hair clean and short, and if they have a beard, it should be groomed a little shorter.”

Smooth operators

In the last two decades, men’s grooming products have gone from utilitarian to upscale, while pop culture and general health trends have made masculine pomades, creams, gels and designer shaves more palatable for even the manliest of guys.

While many women dream about the kiss on the big day, nothing can spoil her moment quicker than getting her face scratched. Newport Beach entrepreneur Michael Finfrock realized this just three weeks into dating his girlfriend. With his female friends weighing in on the scratchy subject, and with heavy body and facial hair being a part of his genetic makeup, Finfrock was prompted to develop Soft Goat ($13.99 at

Although Soft Goat is intended for daily grooming, Finfrock said using the sponge-like, hypoallergenic pads on shaved areas starting a few months before the wedding will soften stubble to create a smooth foundation for the groom’s look.

“Beards, goatees and mustaches are hotter now than at any other time in my life, and because corporate America now allows facial hair, well-groomed and textured facial hair is a must,” he said. “While the moisturizing elements soften the hairs’ short edges and stubble left behind from trimming and razors, a light exfoliant gets rid of dead cells and prevents ingrown hairs.”

Addressing another current male tonsorial trend, Dennis J. Fisher developed his line of Bee Bald products, which includes items such as Clean, Shave, Scrub, Heal and Smooth Moisturizer with SPF 30 ($9.99 each on and

While the products, made with honey, bee pollen, licorice root, fruit extract and vitamins are suited to everyday use, Fisher offers these suggestions to help proudly bald grooms get a head start on their big-day routine, as well as be covered beyond the chuppah if the wedding is outdoors.

“After washing your face, apply a moisturizer with SPF protection to keep the skin hydrated and protected from damaging UV rays, which in turn will also prevent skin from aging,” Fisher said. “A shaving balm, like Bee Bald Heal, can also work to keep moisture locked in, while improving the physical appearance of nicks, bruises, blemishes and other irritations caused by shaving.”

Fisher also strongly advises grooms, bald or otherwise, to get into the habit of exfoliating their skin to produce a better result with their shave. He said that doing so right before hair removal helps expose the hair follicles in the skin, which makes for a smoother shave; it also unclogs pores and prevents breakouts.

Fisher’s other common-sense grooming tips include clipping nails weekly, removing dirt from under and around the nails, moisturizing hands and cuticles, keeping nose hair trimmed and taming eyebrows with small scissors.

Ursa Major, another emerging men’s skincare line (available locally at Poketo, Individual Medley and Wittmore), includes an award-winning shave cream and individually wrapped face wipes that are perfect for freshening up before, during or after a wedding ceremony. Global brand Kiehl’s (with stores at The Grove, Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Westfield Topanga and Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood) offers such men’s wedding-day essentials as eye products to help de-puff and lift under-eye skin, an oil-control collection that helps reduce and prevent shine, and a matte lip balm that keeps lips moisturized without shine.

The Art of Shaving, which has Barber Spa services at their locations at the Americana at Brand in Glendale, Westfield Century City Mall and Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks, offers ways for grooms and groomsmen to take their pre-wedding bonding activities to a new level of elegance. Services and packages include haircuts, traditional shaves, elaborate Royal Shave experiences, beard and mustache trims, and more.

Cleaning up your act

For a personal care ritual imbued with deeper significance, why not take a male-bonding trip to the mikveh — a practice that has been gaining favor among grooms.

“Some grooms use the mikveh for private time before entering into marriage,” said Taylor Fife of, a Toronto-based custom kippot maker and Jewish event planner with clients in L.A. and San Diego. “Others invite close family and friends to share in the mikveh with stories, blessings and food or drink,” she added.

Indeed, Judith Golden, who oversees activity at the American Rabbinical Assembly Mikveh at American Jewish University, said she has noticed a significant uptick in the number of grooms opting to take the plunge in a more meaningful way. She estimates the number has increased by 50 percent since she began working there 10 years ago.

“It’s fabulous to see more men doing this,” Golden said. “The mikveh is a metaphor for a new beginning, and is one of the best things you and your future wife can do before you marry. When both partners do the mikveh, they are setting an intention for the life they will live together and the journey they will be taking beyond the wedding day.”

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Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day requires paying close attention and thinking outside the box. It doesn’t matter if he’s a classic man, a jet-setter or just a regular guy who likes to maintain his appearance. The perfect gift is something that makes him look and feel good at the same time. Here are our favorite grooming and lifestyle gifts. Pair them together to build the dad in your life the ultimate men’s grooming kit.

An easy-to-use, hypoallergenic pad that softens the razor-sharp edges of your stubble and gently exfoliates the skin to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

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A Gift Guide for Father's Day

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Show your dad he’s the number one man in your life with help from our Father’s Day 2015 gift guide. We’ve rounded up a variety of unique items for the one-of-a kind dads in your lives.

With goatees being “in,” there are many guys who can use the Soft Goat– weird name but helpful tool. With a moisturized pad, he can rub across his scruff for a softer touch (which will come in handy for kisses.) $13.99 (3 pads/box)

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Tuesday Ten: Father's Day Gift Guide

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Although we’ve been busy working on our beach bodies and getting ready for summertime and sunshine, we can’t forget that Father’s Day is also swiftly approaching!

Mark your calendars for June 21st, and before you freak out about gifts, let us give you a hand.

Whether you’re looking to shower your dad, your hubby, your grandpa or whoever with a little extra love on the special day, we’ve got you covered. From bar accessories to swim trunks, we picked out some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts for all the different men in your life. Check it out:

For the Well-Groomed: if you’ve got a man who loves his facial hair, he’ll be a big fan of this Soft Goat scruff softener (approved by both Ryan Gosling and George Clooney).

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Is your stubble causing problems in the intimacy department? Complains of beard burn. Well look no further than The Soft Goat to solve your facial hair problems. The brand offers a stubble and beard softener. The hypoallergenic pad works to dull sharp edges, resulting in a softer, more approachable you.

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Grooming on the Go

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Like the look of a little stubble but afraid of tearing up that hot local’s kisser when you make your move? Try the Soft Goat scruff and goatee softener, a hypoallergenic pad that dulls the sharp edges of your five o’clock shadow. $13.99 for three pads.

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Get Silky Smooth Stubble with The Soft Goat

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Ever had a complaint about your stubble? No? Us either. But the guys at The Soft Goat claim it’s a common complaint gents with a little facial hair receive. Too often they’re told that their stubble and beards are too prickly, and in turn, scratchy on their partner’s face. If you suffer from stubble complaints, The Soft Goat has a stubble softener that will buff your worries away.

Soft Goat Stubble Softener is basically a round pumice stone for your face. Using the pad is simple; slip one over your fingers and rub it in a circular motion over your stubble. The tiny micro texture on the pad buffs away the sharp edges of beard hair. Voila! An instant solution to those nagging beard complaints.

While the Soft Goat pads aren’t a necessity, they’ll help you out if your scratchy beard is getting negative feedback from that special someone in your life. At three for $13.99 (plus shipping), they’re a good item to keep in your dopp kit should a rough beard situation ever arise. Each pad is said to last up to two months, and they’re hypoallergenic. Not the right product for you? Think about giving them as groomsmen gifts.

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Notched + Tied: No. 26

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It’s finals week at Notched + Tied and we’re goat-happy! Spring is here, the weather is gorgeous, and we’re getting a close shave to go with our summer shorts. The Soft Goat makes scruff and goatee softeners for the modern human on the go. They can be used anywhere on the body to eliminate roughness and stubble. Snag them in a three-pack; they come individually wrapped, so they’re easy to toss into a briefcase, dopp kit, or beach bag for quick buffing without the razor burn. The badass goat logo on the front hides a smooth pad with an elastic band for easy usage – you’ll be taming pesky hairs in no time flat.

Best paired with: a five o’clock shadow, billy goat beards, last-minute dates, work interviews, straight razors, tall boys, acid-washed shorts.

The Soft Goat Scruff and Goatee Softener: $13.99

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Stubble Softeners

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No one likes a sharp, pointy, and stubbly beard. It’s one of the primary reasons that prevents guys from growing a beard. The Soft Goat Pad allows you to rub down the points, making your facial hair soft, smooth, and ready to stroke.

Soft Goat Stubble & Beard Softener $13.99

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The secret to making your shave last longer!

October 6, 2015/in Soften Her Articles /

I’m so thrilled to share with you a beauty product that I recently found and fell in love with. Soften Her is used to help prevent ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating and softening your skin. It’s so easy to use! It’s a spongey-like pad that you use by wrapping around your index and middle finger & then gently rub in circles clockwise then counter-clockwise motion for approximately 15 seconds.