Got this for my husband and my face is grateful! I used to be a little reluctant to get too close (if you know what I mean…) because I always ended up with a rash on my chin and cheeks… an unattractive look when you have to go to work. Soft Goat makes his beard really gentle and reduces the prickles. Highly recommend it! Great product! Saved my face!


I love love love this product! My husband loves his scruff… but my face does not! After getting him the soft goat I noticed a difference immediately! When he kisses me I don’t feel as if a thousand needles are poking my face! I highly recommend this product to any lady who loves to get close to her man and not his stubbly beard! OMG I can actually kiss my husband!!


This stuff is awesome. I use it after every beard trim. It keeps my beard from getting itchy between trims. For the price you can’t go wrong. Really Works!


I really like this product. He doesn’t notice much difference with his hand, but I really notice it with my face. I just ordered the girls version for myself, Soften Her too- can’t wait! Happily Surprised